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AET | The 11th China-Northeast Asia Expo

The 11th China-Northeast Asia Expo was held in Changchun, Jilin at September 1st, 2017. Thereinto, the Claypso series of AET Displays Limited was caused highly concern by the leader of the Communist Youth League of Jilin Province and other high school’s leaders.

During this exhibition, AET showed not only its P1.58 LED display of the Claypso series with 2880x1620 resolution, but also 3D display system and face recognition, which is popular at safety-security area.

At the first day of exhibition, more than 30 Provincial and municipal leaders and the VIP of foreign clients were visited our booth. Also around 10 journalists TV station and nearly hundred of social elites were accorded a cordial reception by our staffs.

After AET’s staffs made an introduction of Claypso and Goldfinch series and also explain the advantages of those product to clients. Most of them praise and support our products, also hope AET can keep developing LED display product with high quality and precision. Finally, they want AET can be leading enterprise and glad to help AET to improve its promotion.

AET gained a wonderful performance at the first day with the help of Tanie, who is AET’s power partner. For more information, please follow AET’s website and WeChat or visit at the exhibition. AET will brings more different surprises to you.

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